Importance of voting in India.

Vishal Bhojane
April 15, 2019

Year 2019 will play vital role in shaping future India. India, the world's largest democracy and its 130 million peoples going to celebrate the biggest social democratic event, celebration for the rights, "The Lok Sabha Elections." The greatest gift comes with democracy is freedom to think, act, follow your belief, protects interest of citizens, feeling of equality and to Vote for your favorite leader who will represent your problems and suggestions in front of nation.

So why I should Vote?

The constitution of India give right to every individual citizen over 18 years of age, the right to choose CLEAN leader among our society who will represent our problems, who able to fight for our rights, who believes in Indian constitution and act accordingly. This is the right time to show your love, care & loyalty towards nation.

What If I don't vote?

I would like to say, "Freedom comes with some conventional responsibilities". Despite not being able to vote on Election Day, you can still raise you voice for truth and morality. But instead making protest after letting elect wrong candidate, vote for right candidate (in your eyes) and you can expect him/her to do right things. Your vote matters in democracy, at your individual level you are deciding the ruling government who can flourish the nation or weaken the backbone by corruption. If you are planning to treat the voting day as a day of rest, think wisely, your one act can cause harm to the nation building process and you have to face long-term catastrophic consequences. So, vote on this Lok Sabha Election.

How my vote can shape nation?

Be the reason of Change:

The right to vote gives you wings and chance make the change in government. If you think that, ruling government is not making any progress or not acting in accordance with nation building or improving process and you see their work is not satisfactory, this is the moment to demand for change. If you don't want to worsen the situation in the next five year, be the reason to change the government.

Your Vote Counts:

If you ever thought: in the country like India of over 130 million peoples should my single vote does make any difference. Well, Yes. If we consider the peoples with same attitude and previous voting statistics, about a crore of people avoid voting. If these authentic votes get counts, then there are chances for right member to get elected. After all it's the voter who has to face the poor government and has to gone through difficult situation.

Get heard, voting is an honor :

The right to vote, the right to choose right member gives every voter platform to express his view. India is a diverse country where many religions, languages, beliefs resides happily. But it comes with different concerns and priorities.

Lastly, I would like to conclude that voting is an honor for every citizen given by the Indian constitution. From past consecutive decades India has been struggling with several issues like corruption, unstable economy, unclear foreign policy, environment issues. Several governments had come and go making more harm than good impact of nations. If you could not take any actions you and your loved once future will worsen. It is our responsibility as a citizen of india to make optimistic decision and choose right candidate in upcoming Lok Sabha Election.