How often you should wash towels?

Vishal Bhojane
Mar 30, 2019

We are in infinite loop of washing, Washing cars, clothes, household items and much more. But the scientist says that's not enough efforts to combat amount of Bactria around us. Recent scientific studies show that how filthy everyday objects looks alike, our smartphone (Average person touch 47 times a day) is 10 times dirtier than a toilet seat. Yeah! That's bitter truth.

Recent study found that more than 17,000 bacterial gene on the phones of high school students.

Bed sheets, jeans, t-shirts, pillows, towels and ever your mattresses are just few items that according to microbiologist and experts contains bacteria and germs. But how often you should clean these items?

Bathroom towels

Every three-four times of use You might have used bathroom towel to clean already cleaned body but towels need to be washed periodically than you think. Every time you use your towel to scrub your body, your dead skin cells cling to the material and stays there. Well, you can check for musty smell when you bring towel close to your nose, that's the sign bacteria growing on the towel surface. The experts reveal as why washing towels periodically becomes necessary. Because when you use towel it gets wet and warm, which is perfect breeding atmosphere for germs and bacteria'.

When you dry your dirty, oily, make-up face the towel become laced with bacteria and next time you use towel, it again put back to you face. Transferring bacteria bakes to your pores causes pimples and skin irritation.

It's not really a good idea to share towel with visitor or family members especially someone is sick as they could transfer their germs to you.

So, make sure to wash your towel periodically and try to invest in another towel when one is washing at high temperature.

Hand Towels

Every two uses Same with the bathroom towels, when you make washed hands dry, you're transferring amount of harmful bacteria onto hand towel. Hand towels in the bathroom may be used by visitors as well as by your family members and get dirtier quickly than towels you use after taking bath. Sometimes we don't wash our hands thoroughly, so what remain on them transferred back to hand towels. So, don't forget to swap your hand towel every two use.

Tea Towels

Do you ever think that our tea towels after cooking gets as dirty that it would cause food poisoning? Dr. Susheela Biranjia-hurdoyal states that, "Humid towels and multipurpose usage of kitchen towels should be discouraged. Bigger families with children and elderly members should be especially vigilant to hygiene in kitchen." You should practice to replace your tea towels every single day or every use for cooking.

Dish Clothes

Wash Every Week & Replace every month Sponges are often considered as more susceptible to bacteria but dish clothes can be as bad. Dish clothes shares similar moist and warm environment that helps breeding bacterial growth. While washing dish clothes be sure to use bleach and hot water for effective cleaning and hanging them in direct sun exposure after washing.

Yes, it's necessary to stay hygienic and process your bathroom towels, hand towels and tea towels periodically. Here Londri App will help you to save you time and energy, we are always happy to help you.